Thursday, February 18, 2010

Help the All-Ages Movement Project win $50,000

Everyone come together to help support all-ages music everywhere! 

Pepsi is offering a $50,000 grant to ten ideas/organizations voted on by the public. The All-Ages Movement Project (AMP) is a non-profit that aims to advocate for and support people nationwide in starting, running and maintaining all-ages arts and music spaces. These kinds of spaces are critical to the kind of art and community we all care about, but there is not a lot of infrastructure in place to help people learn how to do this, or to help them network with and learn from one another beyond their own towns, typically. AMP is currently in 10th place, a testament to how supportive its various constituent communities have been given that they're up against well-funded national organizations like AmeriCorps that have large budgets and staff to help them succeed. 
As we all know, the Pepsi factor can be sensitive in DIY/punk communities, but AMP made the decision to participate in this grant competition only after taking advisement from its board of all-ages venues, organizations and activists.  There would be no branding or logo obligations - just a donation that would make a lot of cool shit possible. People can vote once a day for AMP at:

You won't get emailed by Pepsi or anything unless you check a box saying you want to.  You click "Vote", which then opens a log-in window.  After you're logged in, you click "Vote" again, and then it registers.
***Vote daily through February to help bring all-ages music and art to every town.***

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