Friday, June 26, 2009

save our sounds is the greatest art project of all time.

please go to this link. it is totally wonderful and makes you want to live or stop living as it will not get any better than this if you are a sound obsessed nerd on alert like me. i know you are one. i will see you in the great beyond with headphones on. thumbs aloft! and eyes closed or poked out!

"We want you to help us build an interactive map of the world. So get involved and send in recordings of sounds from where you live."

i heard about this driving home from NYC this weekend. the commentator also talked about writing a list of every sound she heard within and hour's time and being amazed at what she discovered was around her.
do you think that this would exciting to do and then read or would it be tedious to do and then read?

please, if you would like, email to, a list of every sound you hear within an hour and i will post it at

please include your name and where you live. please do or do not feel constrained by reality. abuse your illusion or be TOTALLY HONEST. truth is stranger than diction!

the sound of street protest in iran being crushed by right wing jocks!

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