Thursday, May 29, 2008

We moved

Okay so we have totally slacked in our blogging as of late. Sorry about that, we moved our Portland offices and are in the midst of working on a ton of great fall records (The Shaky Hands, Horse Feathers, Deerhoof, and Marnie Stern). Trust me everyone, they are GREAT GREAT albums and you will be psyched. In the meantime I give you this. See if you don't crack up in the midst of your conference call. I dare you!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

DJ's and Portland

I guess when I move to Portland, I will havw to have a big dance party with DJ Magic Beans, and DJ Dog Daze spinnign the hits !

new office


Thursday, May 15, 2008


I was serious when I said I was getting serious! Now I have a Myspace page, three gigs, and a potential fourth in another state! So, if you were thinking of inviting me over to get your next dance party started you better act fast!


i saw this when i logged into myspace a few days ago.

Holocene 5th Year Anniversary Party

Put this one on your calendar, feauturing some of KRS' own....

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


i'm so stoked!!!!!!!!!!!! oh wait, it's in brooklyn and i live in portland. shit... somebody tell me how the show goes!


Subject: jazzfinger & metalux at west nile this saturday
Body: dear friends.

you are invited to a free sound matinee show this saturday at West Nile. PLNY.

it will be from 3:30-6:30.


come enjoy the sun ! shed your residual pallid and pasty skin along with the human snake!
wax your ears and wane your mind for a few hours before NO Fun Fest!!

PLNY West Nile
285 Kent Ave.

between south 1st and south 2nd
Brooklyn, NY

Monday, May 12, 2008

some records i got this week...

vivian girls "wild eyes" 7" on plays w/ dolls --- pretty awesome. gotta say i like the a- side way more than the b-side, though. they kinda remind me of a cross between slumber party, end of the century era ramones, ramones leave home era ramones, and the modern lovers. kinda hard to go wrong when you combine that stuff...

sic alps "strawberry guilotine" 7" on woodsist--- i had pretty high hopes for this because i liked their 11 minute strapping fieldhands cover on the "description of the harbor" ep they did last year and also because they used to have a member of erase errata in the band and also the whole being on woodsist records thing (kinda a seal of quality for me, you know?)... those hopes are kinda shattered. i guess this is kinda weird "weird" duded out garage rock? i dunno... found out later that one of these guys was in that coachwhips band that i didn't like. i remember seeing clips of them on that burn my eye dvd that came out a few years ago. i really wanted to watch the deerhoof and the lowdown segments but for some reason the controller on my roommate's playstation 2 didn't work w/ the dvd that well and so we ended up watching the coachwhips thing a few times... not so exciting... finally got the vhs of the deerhoof and lowdown segments a year or two later... anyhow, maybe i can sell this on ebay or something? i can dream, right?

pocahaunted "island diamonds" lp on arbor--- this week's pocahaunted album. i think they've already had like 6 releases so far this year? they're on a roll, though. this one is their dub album. lots of echo drums ( i think played by bobb bruno, the dude who recorded the mika miko album and plays w/ imaad wasif?) and dub basslines and some crazy spacy singing. my buddy joel says that the singing is a little too new agey for him, but better new age than no age, that's what i always say... after all, 64 page cd booklets are bad for the environment! pretty fun record though, even if the a side is better than the b-side. if you only buy 3 pocahaunted albums this year, this is one of them to get! also, if you play it at 45 rpm it kind of sounds like a hip hop record!

excepter "debt dept" lp on paw tracks--- it's no secret that i love this band, and this is one of their best albums yet. i've had it on my itunes for a while, but it's nice to finally have it on vinyl after none of the record stores in portland had it in stock (wtf?) we kind of see them moving into the more structured/dance territory hinted at on their alternation album and the burgers 12". i'd say that this is a contender for album of the year. there's also TWO barcodes on the back of the die cut sleeve, which is kinda cool but also kinda weird and confusing...

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Chillin' in the Oly garden

I had the pleasure of hanging with BP Baggins in the garden the other was a grand ole time....this is where BP likes to sit..

Mother's Day !!!

Don't forget to give your mom some love....

Thursday, May 8, 2008

drum solo for buddy

this one is for you, buddy!


Tuesday, May 6, 2008


So on our way to from getting new desks for the new PDX office Portia, Ben, and I stopped by the Oregon Humane Society where we got to meet our honorary new office dog Buddy. He was just as cute in real life as he is in his pics. Sadly, they told me he was a little aggressive with male dogs so I kind of think he and Jackson aren't a perfect match but boy was he a sweetie. He's been there the longest of any dog - I think it's because he is so shy but you could tell he will warm up once he has a stable home. I would be nervous too in there with all those dogs barking! So if you are in the market for a loving dog that needs a home - he's the one!

Monday, May 5, 2008

weekend listening post

some jams i listened to this weekend...

also when i came home for lunch today i the new occasional detroit tape in the mail!!!!

it didn't come w/ a cat, though. that was the pic that was online...
okay. time to go home and hang out in the yard. it's nice out!


good times

UPDATE: this was at 5:05pm

Saturday, May 3, 2008


a ton of comic book stores are giving away free comics today!
totally worth checking out.

i know that dc published some free copies of the first issue of all star superman #1 (by grant morrison, probably my favorite comic book right now!)
bongo comics (matt greoning's company) is doing a free simpsons/futurama book.

there's probably some other awesome stuff too.
if you've been thinking of getting back into comics or getting into them for the first time this is probably a REALLY EASY DAY TO START. for more info

Friday, May 2, 2008

Wicked Pickett

If I could have seen any show in April it would be this one:

APRIL shows I dam IRIE !!!! ( COACHELLA )

I is a tough job, but someone has to do it !

List if irie shows in April I saw...

Coachella ( I missed a bunch, but saw some great ones !!! )
Animal Collective
Hot Chip
Jack Johnson
The Verve
Aesop Rock
Tegan and Sarah
The Breeders
Jens Lekman
Redd Kross
Rogue Wave

Celebrities I saw or touched at Coachella, not including the musician types

Kelly Osborne
Steven Tyler ( fell into me, and got his sweat all over me )
Danny Masterson
Tony Hawk
Elijah Wood

regular shows;

Yelle, Panther, Starfucker
Blitzen Trapper, Fleet Foxes ( Holocene, PDX )
Why? , Starfucker ( Holocene , PDX )
Dirty Projectors, No Kids ( Holocene , PDX )
Thao and Willis, Plants, Horse Feathers ( Someday Lounge, PDX )
Enon, Thao and Willis ( Redlamp, Sacramento )
Xiu Xiu, Thao & Get Down Stay Down ( Bottom of the Hill , SF )
Thao and Willis ( Video Ranch , Monterey, CA )
Panther, Starfucker, Whitefang
DJ Magic Beans , DJ Dog Daze, DJ Night School
Panther, New Bloods, Horse Feathers
Starfucker, Dat'r, Dykeritz

top 10 for april 2008

here's my top 10 for the month of april... i figure that now that it's may i can do this right? i guess if i was doing it at the pace that people do YEAR END lists, i could have posted this on april 21st!


2. excepter live at backspace
3. blank dogs cassette on fuck it tapes
4. bacon cheese burgers at christopher's gourmet grill on mlk
5. lost "the shape of things to come" episode.
6. krs ♥ pdx party at holocene!
7. finally joining 2005 and getting a netflix membership!
8. going to the kahneeta resort in warm springs, oregon and relaxing in the soaking tub
9. all star superman #10 coming out after months of delays...
10. breakfast at francis' on alberta.

i'll probably update this post w/ pictures later!


It's May!!!! At that means the farm share is just around the corner. Last year was the first time I took part in a CSA and wow what a difference it made. I grew up eating a large portion of veggies from a garden but it has been years since I have been able to eat such delicious food for a whole season. I highly recommend taking part in one if you haven't yet. Not only do you get to eat locally and seasonally but you are challenged with making what comes in your box each week. If you are like me and get in cooking ruts it is wonderful! Not to mention I spend considerably less on food overall. Which seems more and more important these days.

This weekend I'll be planting my supplemental tomatoes and other veggies. I love to make pesto and tomato sauces and freeze them for a taste of summer when it's cold and rainy again.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

this is way different

than the journalism class i took in high school!

just saying!

stoked for some nw mecca normal shows

should be pretty fun!

May, 2 2008 07:00 PM - Eagles Hall
805 4th Ave, Olympia, Washington 98507 - $8 All Ages

Mecca Normal and Kimya Dawson
May, 3 2008 06:00 PM - Dumpster Values
302 4th Ave E, Olympia, Washington -

Launching the new stage and Books for Prisoners $1 clothing bin at Dumpster Values. ------------ Free show with Art Auction to benefit Books for Prisoners. ------------- Mecca Normal performs new songs including "I heard you Malachi". Details of Malachi’s war protest on our blog.
May, 4 2008 05:00 PM - bbq
, Portland, Oregon -

Mecca Normal performs new songs including "I heard you Malachi". Details of Malachi’s war protest on our blog. Art Auction to benefit Books for Prisoners.

here's a pretty cool youtube clip of them playing "what about the boy" a few years ago... i think i was at this show, but am not sure...?!?