Friday, February 29, 2008

new bloods video shoot tonight

repost from osa:
there's a couple things going on in portland today that brown kids and all kids in general should be pretty stoked on. first of all, the band i'm in, new bloods, is shooting a little music video with this kid donovan who lives in LA ( we're shooting a fake show tonight and we need an audience. we want there to be many brown faces and gay faces too. it's at 6:30 pm and it's at a house called HOT BOAT which is at 2644 N. Kilpatrick. we're actually gonna play i think... and i hope it goes kinda quick, but maybe there will be some slightly boring standing around happening too. bring a book or a beer.

osa and donovan just stopped by the office and it sounds like the video should be cool!


as most people know (at least most people that have met me), i am a big fan of batman's work in the field of crime fighting.
that's why it came as a harsh toke when my brother e-mailed me this photo!

apparently the grave is at riverview cemetary in sw portland... i'll have to go leave some flowers soon.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

drawing of the day

panther as drawn by kyle t. webster for the stranger...

we were cracking up about this drawing at the office yesterday... i was hoping maggie would post this yesterday, but she's busy and this drawing is just too good to go unblogged
check out his other drawings here


the new bloods are playing their first portland show since november or so...

it's the show on the right hand side of this flyer...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

what was i thinking...

we (krs intern sydney and i) just finished spray painting stencils onto panther posters to make fliers for their cd release next thursday and accidently put that it was march 8th instead of march 6th on them.... also i think that the spray paint is making me high...

Monday, February 25, 2008


go to this show because the krs teleporter is broken and we can't make it to london...

02/26/2008 08:00 PM - The Enterprise w/ Wave Pictures
Haverstock Hill, CHALK FARM, LONDON, London and South East - three pounds


dance vlog set list

soon there will be a dance vlog featuring lady irie and son, and maybe occasional is our set list..look for it sometime afetr sxsw....

wednesday in oakland

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ben is sick today/ URGENT

Ben was sick I didn't get to say " yo homie " to him on ichat, even though I was swamped...but I thought this video might make him feel better, as it did me, when Frank from the " The Get Down Stay Down " band who plays with Thao sent it to me after a few emails about 80's rock

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


it will be a rager... esp if this dude is djing the after party...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

panther interview

i interview panther for the krs newsletter a few minutes ago, but thought i'd put it up on the blog too... why not, right?

panther ichat interview
ben : you in olympia?
charlie: no
ben: ahhh
charlie: yeah
i dont know how to work the ichat
3:05 PM
when are you leaving?
ben: leaving the office?
charlie: yeah
ben: like 5 i think
i just got back
charlie: ok
ben: had a lunch break
charlie: coolman
ben: oh
should i interview you for the newsletter now?
about panther?
charlie: sure!
ben: okay
i forgot to write questions...
but that's okay i guess.
charlie: ha
ben: okay
i thought of the first question
are you going to play some shows w/ live violin and cello
since there is so much on the album
charlie: um,i think we might in new york,,,our friend sara is really cool and we were thinking about asking her,,i am playing a bunch of guitar live nowand i have it on the vioin setting
ben: ah..
that is cool
like the songs that you were playing on new year's eve?
or songs from 14 kt god that you were playing live before.
i've seen you play keyboard on some of those...
charlie: songs on 24kt
ben: 24 kt
charlie: i mean 14
ben: the next album..
charlie: ha!
ben: haha
that would be cool
charlie: yeah
ben: it goes from 14 kt to 24 right?
or 28?
charlie: shit
ben: when they have gold
charlie: i dont know
ben: me either
charlie: i think 24
ben: so that would make sense then.
charlie: yes!
ben: maybe that could be the remix of 14 kt god
charlie: oh yeah
ben: what jams have you been listening to lately
i mean
besides the ones on your blog
charlie: um
i have been enjoying some konono #1,, and some elvis costello,,,and i have been into some stephen basho youngans
3:15 PM
the spelling is really bad
on the last one
ben: is he that dude
the guitar guy
charlie: i have become a worse and worse speller
the guitar guy
ben: on that strange frequencies something something label
i still need to check him out
charlie: i dont know
ben: somebody said he sounds like fahey?
charlie: its really nice subtle finger tapping
kind of
ben: nice!
charlie: way more percussive,,,barely and notes
but tapping
but not annoying
ben: cool
what about new bands
ben: i mean, i guess konono and the stephan basho guy are only now getting their dues
charlie: i like blue oyster cult
they are new
ben: ah
charlie: i always have a mind block
ben: it's a tough question really
even though it is asked a lot
charlie: vampire weekend
just kidding
ben: what about the best new blogs
charlie: shit,,,i like the lips and ribs,,, there is this blog called brett adams thats pretty weird,,, i like #1 blog dog,,,shit,,,i like that blog with the found photos,,,i could look at random photos for hours
ben: that sounds like a good one.
chavez says i should ask you where the best burritos are
charlie: there are 2 i have found so far that are my favorites
wait in portland or everywhere?
ben: i guess
one in portland
and one from anywhere.
or 2 from both?
whatever is easiest
charlie: i love th cart on 50th and division,,,it has traditional style done really well and somewhat greasy,, they also have vegan options, which are the best vegan i have ever had,,,,,but the best mexican i san felipe in sellwood,,,the best tamales and fish tacos anywhere!
3:25 PM
best mexican is san felipe
meant to say that
ben: what do you like to eat on tour?
charlie: vegetarian
anything vegetarian,, its so hard
but my favorite place on tour in new york is this place called caracas
ben: what kind of food is it?
charlie: venezuelan food
they have the amazing sandwiches called arepas, which is like a sandwhich with pupusas for brad basically
they have one with black beans, plantains
its cheap!
ben: that sounds delicious!
i'll remember that...
cool i guess that's it for the interview, thanks charlie!
3:30 PM
charlie: cool man!!!

i listened to this too...

how could i forget?

Monday, February 18, 2008

Friday, February 15, 2008

Tashaki Murakami at the MOCA ( los angeles )

While in LA last week...we went to the closing night of the Murakami show in was amazing, but the best part was getting in for free, because someone who worked there recognized Panther ! ha! His work is probably best known on the Louis Vuitton bag..but there was some weird art there, that I probably shouldn't put on a blog..if you know what I mean...

Panther video shot in Los Angeles

So we I just got back from LA where Panther was shooting a was rad...shot on the green now comes the contest part......................... (just kidding), but you will have to wait to see what it really looks like...

too bad krs doesn't sign dogs

because this one is pretty good!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

blood on the saddle

are going on tour starting tomorrow...

krs did a 7" by them back in 1994...
you can get it in mailorder
or on itunes w/ a bunch of other krs 7"s as this digital comp thingamabober, krs vinyl vaults vol. 2
here are the tour dates
okay,  you have to check this out.  i am really not sure i could watch this movie, knowing how old Harrison Ford actually is.  plus, i miss the way his face used to move... notice how that stopped happening right around "The Fugitive"?  weird.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


thao's "bag of hammers" is song of the day on the kexp blog...
click on that little screen shot for the link...

i'm not allowed to watch lost tomorrow

i guess there's a holiday or something? what can i say, times are tough... i guess this means i have to watch lost online friday morning before i can do anything else. this may be my first purchase from the itunes store EVER.

DJ Magic Beans

So, despite having spent the better part of 14 years marketing and promoting I am a TERRIBLE self-promoter. I am trying to change that - it's part of my 2008 new year's resolutions (the others being the usual more exercise, reading more, and taking an actual vacation) - because I LOVE LOVE LOVE to DJ. Pretty much more than almost anything else in the world. I have this semi-regular DJ gig at a friend's bar in town and frequent other opportunities to do so but I always forget to tell people when I am doing it! or that I want to, yes, DJ one night a month at their bar.

So, PORTLAND yes I will DJ your next dance party, bar, all ages show, wedding, or knitting get together.

What do I play exactly? Well as it's known in the Vail family: Maggie's Mix (not to be confused with Tobi's Tunes) which means a mix of soul, punk, new wave, post punk, old country, and rock. Too vague? A sample playlist goes like this: Badfinger, Irma Thomas, Squeeze, Erase Errata, The Impressions, Cheap Trick, Comet Gain, and so on...I spend a lot of time trying to figure out how say I will get from Bad Brains to George Jones and then try to plot out the path from there.

If you would like to come check it out, my next DJ night will be at TIGA (NE 15th and Prescott) on February 28th from 9pm-close (1am or so).

Oh yes, I am DJ Magic Beans!

somebody tell me how this show goes... sounds awesome...

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

and that's a wrap!

i'm headed home for the day! well, actually i'm headed to the library to get some tax forms and then the grocery store and THEN home...
but first i'll post this link to the godzik pink myspace fan page somebody emailed to us today!

and also one of my favorite movie scenes ever...

Monday, February 11, 2008

LA dance break with Lady Irie

So , usually during the day when I am working in the loft , Christopher and I will have at least one dance break.....since I have been in LA the last week, we still needed to do that, so we had our dance break via video ichat......groove on it...we were dancing to Beyonce , if you must know.........


colin meloy pre-order up now!

because you demanded it!

preorders come w/ a bookmark and free poster! we're going to make the bookmarks in the portland office sometime this month, should be fun! who knows maybe we'll post some pics of it or something...


hey everyone - if you are in LA you should most definitely head down to the smell tomorrow night! gossip, mika miko, panther, and john wiese are playing a show that will sure to be amazing! the doors are at 8:30pm and it's only $5. get there early in order to insure you actually get in!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

when i was in olympia on friday...

my friend showed me this online. it's a list of all of the presidential candidates for the 2008 election.
it really makes you wonder how different the world would be if the media gave equal coverage to every single candidate...

where is everyone?

wait, I noticed we are missing a few staff members from the blogsphere...where are you?

lauren - what did you do this weekend? I bet you made something delicious and for sure had some kind of nyc adventure.

aaron - c'mon you know you need to post pics of your breakfast in martinique! plus I want to see some carnival costumes.

ingrid - yes you posted once but I KNOW you have some pics of a certain ichat dance party...

my plans for the rest of the day:

put xiu xiu european tour dates and colin meloy pre-orders (with free bookmark!) up on the krs site, sweep the house, do laundry, return the movies, make dinner, and finally watch the last harry potter movie.

kind of boring I know but it's going to be a hectic week I can already tell.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Who is your candidate?

So who are you voting for? and why? The Washington causes are this weekend but Oregon doesn't get to vote until May 20th which seems totally bogus. Is that fair? We won't get any sort of say at all I think.
What do you think about using delegates versus popular vote? Are super delegates going to decide it?
The last presidential election cycle I actually got shingles. I mean it was a stressful time anyway what with going to school full time, yeah! fest, and regular work but I still blame it on the election.
Let's get wonky!

News of the day

Deerhoof add a new member.

friday lost post

i really want to post about last night's episode of lost, but i know that aaron and ingrid are not caught up yet, so i can't really ruin the episodes for them... so until they see the last two episodes NO LOST SPOILERS ON THE KRS BLOG

instead i'm going to post this...
the "Sawyer nickname generator" (thanks to marianne kozlowski of the punksss for forwarding this to me!)

i guess my name is "hawking." maybe this doesn't work so well?

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Up the Junction

My video of the day...

one up, two up...

mollie likes the beach too.  

good morning

Jackson loves the park too. Don't say the word though if you don't intend to go, he knows what it means...

since maggie and portia posted pics of their dogs...

i guess i'll have to post a picture of my cat!

i know that krs is supposed to be the dog label and our friends k records are the cat label, but kimmswick is my top dogg so it's probably okay...

krs recipe corner

so i'm in the middle of moving out of one house and into another house at the moment, and i found this recipe that my mom emailed to me around the holidays in my file cabinet with a bunch of drawings and stuff... it's pretty good so i thought i'd share!

it doesn't really have a name, so let's call it "baked squash and apples and stuff"

2 lb. butternut or buttercup squash
1/2 c packed brown sugar
1/4 c melted butter
1 tbs. flour
1 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. cinnamon
2 baking apples, cored and cut into slices (i used the braeburn ones, but any baking apple should do...)

heat over to 350 degrees f (i don't know the celsius equivellent of the top of my head, sorry!)
cut suash, remove seeds, fiber, and peel. cut into slices.
stir together rest of ingredients except apples
arrange squash in square cassarole dish.
top w/ apples
then top w/ mixture
cover w/ foil
cook 50-60 minutes

when i made this last time i used an acorn squash because the grocery store by my house didn't have butternut or buttercup squash, it still turned out good although the ridges in the acorn squash can make it a little hard to peel...
and yes, you can use earth balance or some vegan alternative to butter if that's your jam...
sorry i don't have a photo of this dish, but trust me- it's delicious!

new york

good morning, sunshine.  i too have never blogged before, i am afraid it will be addictive...    
maggie, i will see your jackson in the surf photo and raise you a mollie in the park photo.  bring it, girl!

i got the first decent night's sleep last night that i've had in over a week -- going to Midem really screwed me up.  i am in new york, where two days ago it snowed and yesterday it was 65 and humid.  what is going on?

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

queer/gender bending/trans "punk" bands

We got this email at work last week and with permission are forwarding it widely, hoping that Phil will end up with a HUUUUGGGEE list of awesome queer/gender bending/trans "punk" bands:

From: phil bode <>
Date: January 31, 2008 9:49:49 AM PST
Subject: queer/gender bending/trans "punk" bands

Dear KRS,
I am interested to know if there are any contemporary
"punk" bands that feature trans members or address the
topic. i have searched on the internet and have not
found much.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
Phillip Bode
Boise, ID

Please reply to


You Say Hello I Say Goodbye

i need to clean my desk

seriously, it looks like a tornado hit it or something... i was looking for my copy of half japanese's loud and horrible cd that i brought to the office to rip to my itunes (and never got around to doing), but can't seem to find it. i did find my copy of dr. dre "chronic 2001," though! awesome! i also found a drawing i did of zz top a year ago...

(no, i didn't scan it for this blog post, i've had it on my harddrive for a while now...)
okay, back to work! these cds don't mail themselves...

quote of the day

panther was interviewed on today:
"My favorites are those blogs/web sites claiming to liberate music from the rich music industry or whatever. It's the poor artists who are getting screwed, not just the record labels.  I would like to go into these people's [offices] and just start taking things and saying, "Come on! Why isn't it free man?" But I am hopeful that people realize that, for the most part, it is art, and people work hard, and culturally it is important"

first time blogger, long time lurker

whoa, it's the future.  my first blog entry.  is that what they are called?  so here's what I like about other blogs:  videos, photos, funny stories, food reviews, and cute animals.  hmmm, what will I bring to the table?  ah yes.... photos of this guy

and a promise to blog once every day about the glamorous life of working at an independent label.  

Best loft ever

This is the best loft to work in ever...KRS OLY style!!!

when you preorder the panther "14 kt god" album

you'll get a poster and string so you can make this mask!

pre-order here

here we go...

krs bloggggg