Tuesday, February 2, 2010

question of the day

have you ever bought an album because a band harassed you (or asked you to be their fan or sent you messages or whatever) on facebook or myspace or some social networking site?

just curious.

UPDATE: the change of people asking you to be a "friend" on myspace and people asking you to be a "fan" on facebook is what made me think about this. it's esp. weird when it's from friends. aren't they happy enough with me being a friend? i got to be a fan too?

well that and the combination of logging into my old band's myspace for the first time in forever and seeing that all the messages were from bands i had never heard of telling me to buy their album on itunes.


timothy radar said...

Not in the context that you put it. But I have bought a record from a band after they "friended me" and I listened to their music a bit.

Nathan said...

No, but bulletins have been pretty effective. Hard-sell/cold-call, not so much.

bp baggins said...

interesting. i think the whole context change of people asking to be "friends" on myspace and asking people to be your "fan" on facebook is what made me wonder.