Tuesday, July 15, 2008

shuff shuff shuff

is this dumb?
i saw this in a magazine.
they asked people in bands to shuffle their ipods and write what came up
it seemed clear that people were editing their answers to not seem lame or to seem lame.
i am lame. and i am not lame.
i bought a couch with monkeys on it today.
oh crap i just did this and i swear to God the first thing that came up was a new xiu xiu demo. wow there is nothing lamer than that. this really did happen though.
it will not be on the list to prove that it really did happen.
the rest is also true. if more bullshit xiu xiu demos come up they will be on the list just not the first one.
wow it is really hard to not sound like the southern california not matter how hard i try. hi!!!!!!!

Regina caeli 2:30 Trio Mediaeval Chant: Soir, dit-elle
Toy Soldier 3:22 Britney Spears Blackout
I Remember Nothing 5:54 Joy Division Unknown Pleasures
I Won't Share You 2:48 The Smiths Strangeways, Here We Come
Landscape #2 5:43 r In Pink
Metopy [Métopes] Op. 29, 1915: I. Wyspa syren [L'île des Sirènes] 6:22 Mikhail Rudy
Bach (JS): English Suite #4 In F, BWV 809 - 1. Prelude 4:25 Glenn Gould
You Got Lucky 3:36 Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Greatest Hits
Shoplifters Of The World Unite 2:58 Smiths Louder Than Bombs
Paper Kitten Claw 5:14 Evangelista Hello, Voyager

hmmm thanks apple! this is like a parody of myself
and as well truthful
maggie from KRS does not like the smiths but she is our a and r person...
offend maggie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the britney track was implanted by the love of my life who is barfing right now..........
and we are touring with evangelista in the fall and this is my favorite song of thiers....
there is an IV connected to you and it is full of salt.


maggie said...

offend jamie!

okay I will play:

nightmare - the whyte boots
the doon - no-neck blues band
women of the world (leave my world alone) - loretta lynn
describing people and things - from my french cd
hard times are hard - mary timony
black keyboard - xiu xiu (NO LIE)
evil speakers - guided by voices
the spectacular commodity - glenn branca
i'm waiting for the man - nico (live)
hittin' on nothing' - irma thomas

maggie said...

I should also mention that I haven't given the smiths a chance since I decided I hated them in high school mostly due to some obnoxious people. I realize that I should probably go back and review this decision. who knows, maybe I will be convinced?

what should I listen to?