Thursday, October 2, 2008

"they hate us for our freedoms"

for the "women's rights" that the republican party wants to take away? wtf? aghghghghg

oh boy. sometimes i think that the republican party's foreign policy is inspired by early 90's issues of x-force or something.

also got to say that it's funny how biden and palin are both repeating things obama and mccain said last week. now i won't feel so bad about missing half of last weeks' debate (i was on the train and the radio reception was bad.)


Brian said...

dude the world trade center got blown up in an early nineties issue of x-force. The Juggernaut ran into it. If we were to stop the war in Iraq by having Spider-Man guest-star I would be stoked. Osama Bin Laden all be hanging off the Washington Monument in a ball of webbing and shit.

(this is so nerdy I should leave it anonymous.)

The Bat-Hombre said...

I don't know whether it was inspired by this entry, but last night I had a dream that there was a Wolverine vs. Sarah Palin comic book. It was written by Claremont. I had read Ben's copy and everyone kept asking me my opinion of it. I thought that while it was enjoyable seeing Wolverine call Sarah Palin "bub", comic books trivialized serious matters when they tried to address them.

Unfortunately, Wolverine didn't say "your choice, your funeral" but that would be a pretty apt description of the election.