Monday, December 15, 2008

the krs holiday karaoke party

i had to leave after singing "splish splash."
what did i miss?

oh, after we left i came home and some people were watching "i'm not there" on the couch in the living room. have to say it's one of the worst movies i've ever seen in my life. it's a holiday miracle that bob dylan didn't die of embarrassment over that movie.


mht said...

your splish splash was so right.

maggie said...

mar's yakety yak was equally amazing.

Tobi Vail said...

you missed

1. dj magic beans singing you better you bet

2. joaquin and jenny singing woodstock

3. joaquin singing you're so vain

4. portia tearing it up on dancing with myself

5. the guy from shaky hands going wild on all these songs i have no idea who they are by or what was happening. i think he's the drummer???

6. portia, maggie and ingrid as a modern day supremes singing kids of america

7. maggie singing our lips are sealed, which ALMOST made me dance but not quite leave my comfortable booth

8. maggie's friend going wild on yakety yak, like iggy meets the shaggs!

9. portia singing some other song....

10. sarah dougher...

really after my second (and final) drink, i can't remember! yes, i'm a lightweight these days, but them bourbon's was strong.

maggie said...

so yeah, I kind of sang a lot. but I vaguely remember a pact maryam and I made early in the night to do just that. I think it was a tie between us and jake morris (#5 on tobi's list). I wanna go again!

also, i am gonna start a band with maryam (#8) on the list. she's a STAR!!