Wednesday, December 17, 2008

my favorite distributed items of 2008

don't make your year end list just yet---- here are my favorite 2008 releases distributed by krs mailorder...

the clean - compliation lp

this was released by mississippi record's division little axe. they are based about 10 blocks from my house. nice store. good record. super catchy pop stuff that seems to have a heavy vu influence. good times.

pocahaunted- island diamonds

this is their dub album. it's kind of like stoner new age dub, i guess. duel female vocals that mostly seem to be lots and LOTS of vowels. i think this is an enhanced cd. not sure. i have the vinyl of it.

hornet leg- blood trilogy

this 7" probably got the most spins out of any 2008 release at my house. i think coming out in january had a lot to do with that. really good kind of psychy garage stuff, but this is NOT A BAR BAND. don't worry. good times. the songs are great. one of my best friends, joel, plays on this one too.

us girls - introducing

this kind of fits into the whole vowel-rock genre too. but us girls has it's own thing going on. like vowels over really heavy reel to reel beats. lots of good covers too. highly recommended. also check out the live set on wfmu's blog.

fabulous diamonds

another great siltbreeze release. i think they're tied w/ woodsist for my favorite diy label right now... this is an awesome australian band for fans of dub music, no wave, etc. great use of saxaphone. one of my top 5 records of the year and also live shows. shhiiiiitttttttt

blank dogs - on two sides

i've got like 4 releases by this dude this year, not sure which one is the best, but this one is the easiest to find at least. also it came out in february so it got lots of spins. hit after hit after hit. musically and bongilly if you know what i mean...

vivian girls - tell the world

another 7" that got lots of spins this year. i'd give it more, but ingrid is borrowing my copy. haha... how you liking it, ingrid?
you probably already own this, but if not i'd say get this now and also get their album.


Tobi Vail said...

hi ben, thanks for this! unfortunately i just took a few of these off the website because they are out of stock and i don't know when we'll get them back, but that might only be the clean. we'll probably get it by late january? i hope anyhow. xo tobe-dawg

Ingrid said...

oh man, I got too dig that out of the records I pasked for the big move to Portland .... I think I have at least one of your other records as well .....soooooooon !