Friday, January 23, 2009

bird list 1/23/09 durham NC

so it must be obvious by quippage alone that i am not digging
one consolation about moving would be that there are different birds in the southeast
than there are in the west. but it is nice to see familiar faces too.
thank you remaining and feeble biodiversity
mind you these are all common feathered friends but i see them as friends nonetheless.
thank you seed and bug eaters for getting me past my hollow, geographically strained heart
eh hem- thee...
white throated sparrow
white crowned sparrow
slate colored junco
white winged junco
yellow throated warbler
pine warbler
solitary vireo
cedar waxwing
eastern bluebird
hermit thrush
carolina wren
red breated nuthatch
white breated nuthatch
tufted titmouse
carolina chickadee
eastern phoebe
downy woodpecker
yellow bellied sapsucker
mourning dove
great blue heron

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