Friday, September 25, 2009

if you live in MN, HIV NEEDS YOU! for 3 minutes please

the ryan white care act, which is the top source of funding for hiv/aids treatment across the nation, it's set to expire in a little over a week.
and they're leaving a reauthorization up to be re-drafted, which could be a bad thing considering all the dumbass conservatives making noise about their health care.

the minnesota aids project put together a little thing that sends e-mails to the senators and representative of anyone's given district. i've heard these things are disregarded and just acknowledge the subject matter and keep a tally of what people are carrying on about. it could yield a-mazing results.
our senators, one of whom has been totally silent about hiv/aids and all lgbt issues at all, signed a letter urging it to get passed.
the link goes to an easy to fill out form and should only take a moment to do!

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Sharon said...


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