Wednesday, September 2, 2009


A few days ago, we practiced packing for the trip and we ran into a problem, which is here re-enacted for you using the best professional volunteer actors we could find to demonstrate the experience. (Our experience in residency with the Oregon Shakespeare Festival last week taught us a thing or two about acting!!)

The Portland Cello Project earns every penny we have from ticket sales and sales of our CD’s and Tee-Shirts. We’ve been pinching our pennies and barely paying ourselves to perform for this labor of love over the past year to ensure that this tour can happen… but we need a little more help…

We’ve come up with a way you can help out that’s NOT simply donating money to us or giving us a handout. I realized we have this massive library of unreleased recordings (since we play a completely new show for almost every big concert, and we record most of our shows), and we should start mastering those and making them available to the public, along with a bunch of other perks we’ve dreamed up.

The way we want to do this is by offering you the opportunity to become a subscribing member of the Portland Cello Project. Membership costs an annual fee, and can be purchased at various tiers. Tiers start as low as $25, and you can get all kinds of things as a subscribing member depending initially on the tier you choose, such as:

Monthly downloads of unreleased recordings
A subscriber-only, limited edition DVD of footage from all sorts of live performances
Invites to a free subscriber appreciation concert in the fall
And even chances to ride around in the new tour van with us or get private performances for your party, wedding or other event!
Subscription information and all the details on the different tiers can be found here:
Portland Cello Project Subscription Tiers

Every little bit helps. We have a fair amount of money saved towards a van already, but an extra $5,000 or so would ensure we have something that’s safe and reliable on this tour and many more to come. Thus, our goal is to raise at least $5,000 through these subscriptions by October 1st. We hope you can help us out!

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