Wednesday, February 13, 2008

DJ Magic Beans

So, despite having spent the better part of 14 years marketing and promoting I am a TERRIBLE self-promoter. I am trying to change that - it's part of my 2008 new year's resolutions (the others being the usual more exercise, reading more, and taking an actual vacation) - because I LOVE LOVE LOVE to DJ. Pretty much more than almost anything else in the world. I have this semi-regular DJ gig at a friend's bar in town and frequent other opportunities to do so but I always forget to tell people when I am doing it! or that I want to, yes, DJ one night a month at their bar.

So, PORTLAND yes I will DJ your next dance party, bar, all ages show, wedding, or knitting get together.

What do I play exactly? Well as it's known in the Vail family: Maggie's Mix (not to be confused with Tobi's Tunes) which means a mix of soul, punk, new wave, post punk, old country, and rock. Too vague? A sample playlist goes like this: Badfinger, Irma Thomas, Squeeze, Erase Errata, The Impressions, Cheap Trick, Comet Gain, and so on...I spend a lot of time trying to figure out how say I will get from Bad Brains to George Jones and then try to plot out the path from there.

If you would like to come check it out, my next DJ night will be at TIGA (NE 15th and Prescott) on February 28th from 9pm-close (1am or so).

Oh yes, I am DJ Magic Beans!


ladyirie said... is soooooo good...except when she breaks a needle opening a new package, and there is no music for 30 minutes.

maggie said...

it wasn't my fault!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I promise.