Sunday, February 10, 2008

where is everyone?

wait, I noticed we are missing a few staff members from the blogsphere...where are you?

lauren - what did you do this weekend? I bet you made something delicious and for sure had some kind of nyc adventure.

aaron - c'mon you know you need to post pics of your breakfast in martinique! plus I want to see some carnival costumes.

ingrid - yes you posted once but I KNOW you have some pics of a certain ichat dance party...

my plans for the rest of the day:

put xiu xiu european tour dates and colin meloy pre-orders (with free bookmark!) up on the krs site, sweep the house, do laundry, return the movies, make dinner, and finally watch the last harry potter movie.

kind of boring I know but it's going to be a hectic week I can already tell.

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