Friday, May 2, 2008

top 10 for april 2008

here's my top 10 for the month of april... i figure that now that it's may i can do this right? i guess if i was doing it at the pace that people do YEAR END lists, i could have posted this on april 21st!


2. excepter live at backspace
3. blank dogs cassette on fuck it tapes
4. bacon cheese burgers at christopher's gourmet grill on mlk
5. lost "the shape of things to come" episode.
6. krs ♥ pdx party at holocene!
7. finally joining 2005 and getting a netflix membership!
8. going to the kahneeta resort in warm springs, oregon and relaxing in the soaking tub
9. all star superman #10 coming out after months of delays...
10. breakfast at francis' on alberta.

i'll probably update this post w/ pictures later!

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