Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Japan Part 2

okay so I neglected to mention several very important things. one of which is pocari sweat. this is the most delicious gatorade type drink I have ever had. it was easily the most delicious of all the dozens of different kind of beverages we tried from the vending machines.

I am so so so sad there's no green tea in bottles here. I would drink that every day if I could.

charlie figures we spent like $40 on vending machines. I don't think that's an exaggeration.



ashod said...

bottled green tea (and ALL SORTS of deliciousness) at both Uwajimaya in beaverton and Fubonn on 82nd.

rhinestone neckbrace said...

yeah 40$......A DAY!!!!!!

maggie said...

but will they be in pretty vending machines?

Lamonica said...

Did you see any of those video vending machines too? And I love how the Japanese will stay out doing karaoke or dancing all night until the next train- at 6 the next morning. Japan just rox.