Friday, June 6, 2008

we went to christopher's gourmet grill for lunch


i got the bacon cheeseburger.
gotta say that right now this is my favorite burger in town- reasonalbly sized patty, shredded lettuce, nice chunks of tomato, good sauces, and they get the bacon just right. not too chewy and not burnt. normally i don't like the steak cut fries, but they season these guys just right!
the only weird thing about today's trip there was the music. normally they are playing r&b but today they played a recording of some dude covering "more than words" by extreme. sucks to be that person!
another thing that changed is that they now have a burger basket deal, where you can get a 20oz soda and fries for a little bit more. not sure why they needed that as the prices were already good ($4.50 for a bacon cheeseburger,) but i'm not complaining!

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