Thursday, August 7, 2008

bands it is not acceptable to like

i'll start the list with some obvious stuff, you can add more in the comments

1. smashing pumpkins
2. sublime
3. alice in chains

i'm just feeling negative today. too many people seem to think you have to like everything these days and are trying to be myspace friends... fuck that. one day i want to make a website where people confirm that they don't like each other. it seems like then you wouldn't have these awkward moments where you have to say hi to people that you've known for 10 years even though you aren't friends...


sally said...

i work at a radio station and my PD has reminded me on several occasions that she will fire anyone who plays nickelback.

it's easy to keep this job, needless to say.

maggie said...

can i please add don henley?

Divinyl said...

Chris de Burgh!!

(But I have to confess to a bit of a soft spot for Alice in Chains, particularly Dirt, because I loved them when I was a teenager...I'm not ashamed, I stand proud!). :o)

rhinestone neckbrace said...

that wasn't me, that was charlie logged in but I approve the eagles so it's okay

Photos By Nathan Backous said...

I have to admit, JonnyX and the Groadies have AICWaffles every saturday morning. I never listened to them when they were around, but they're great waffle making/eating background music.

Anonymous said...

thought of some more...

fleetwood mac (for some reason i always think of them as the opposite of diy or something)
james taylor
collective soul

maybe i should start listing some indie stuff too?

of montreal
band of horses

Christopher said...

i've been a pumpkin head since '94

and chris swanson just bought don henley's end of the innocence LP today, and we were all reminded of its brilliance

last year, we rediscovered alice in chains dirt.

i do hate sublime, and i'm in the land of christian rock. most of which just comes across as homoerotic

Brian said...

The thing is about indie stuff is that usually what's really objectionable is so partly due to political reasons.

That said: Hot Chip.
Also that band Stars.

Brian said...

Oh and this might get deleted, but The Decemberists.

ch ch chavez said...

the pretenders rule man. COME ON! (said like Job from arrested d)

cybernaut said...

agreed on all 3 accounts ;p[