Friday, August 1, 2008

does selling out exist anymore?

it seems like most people seem to think the answer is "NO!"
i kind of disagree... i mean, it doesn't exist if you don't stand for something in the first place, but if you do, yeah, right?
it seems like before baby bush was president people would be freaking out about nike sponsoring the boredom's 88 drummer event, but now it seems like that kind of stuff doesn't even get mentioned. i mean, it's cool that they are having a bunch of my favorite drummers drum with one of the bands that completely changed the way i listen to music and think about art (boredoms when my bro played me their song on a krs comp when i was in 5th grade), but still- shouldn't they spend that money on paying those kids making the shoes in a sweat shop a living wage?
i'm not saying all my homies drumming in this event are bad, or anything, shit- one of my best friends of all time and bandmate marianne of the punks drummed in it last year and i would drum with the boredoms in an instant, but still... seems weird that nobody seems to think twice about corporate sponsorship in what seems like it should be a diy event...
sorry if this isn't well written/thought out, i'm drinking a microbrews on the porch with my neighbors!

anyhow, what do you think? does diy exist still? what about the idea of selling out? let's start a dialog, please! i love to have this type of conversation but nobody seems to want to have it with me anymore. maybe i should go back in time to the 90's or something?


Photos By Nathan Backous said...

Thanks for writing this. Yes its weird weird weird that stuff we're into is serving as advertising for stuff that we're not into. Bands selling songs to McDonalds/General Motors, getting tours sponsored by other companies, etc... Its all weird. DIY could/should/still is very important and powerful. The model needs to be expanded and refined for new economic realities ($5 shows can't keep up with the new gasoline price reality). The punk/DIY/underground movement has priced itself out of the industry and we need to figure out how to correct that so people don't see the "selling out" option as the ONLY option.

rhinestone neckbrace said...

or what about the huge excitement about the nike sponsored mfnw shows?? no one has said anything about that. i felt bummed. i am for corporate sponsors if they have fair business practices,,,but nike???